• Jennifer Katrulya

QuickBooks Online - will your account be suspended in October?

Earlier this year, Intuit announced the launch of QuickBooks Online (QBO) Advanced, which added a new layer of QuickBooks Online, above QuickBooks Online Plus. While many users will be excited about the increased functionality this version promises to offer in the future, right now these changes are causing widespread confusion about the requirements, and frustration about the significant increase in cost.

If your QBO account exceeds the usage limits for the plan you have, you are likely already receiving update and warning emails from Intuit. If you have not viewed the specific usage limits that would require you to upgrade to Advanced, click here to view the details Intuit has posted to their support site.

If you have been considering a switch from a desktop version of QuickBooks, you'll want to understand these usage limits. If you are currently using QuickBooks Pro and Premier, this will be especially important, to be sure the number of users, your use of Classes, or other features you've counted on in QuickBooks desktop, won't now throw you into the $150/month QBO Advanced Plan, the monthly cost after any initial promotions. For more information about current QBO pricing (retail), click here.

If you have questions regarding these changes, if you want to be sure you are getting the most out of your QuickBooks and integrated solutions, or if you have controller of CFO support needs you have been struggling to fill, please contact us! As approved QuickBooks Solution Providers, we are also able to offer pricing and promotions for QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks merchant service and payroll solutions, and a variety of other offerings.

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